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Dr. Robert Setari's Blog - Today and The Future!

Dr. Setari has been on the cutting edge of medicine and science since his early days in medical school. Observing trends, thinking outside of the box, and extrapolating both empiric and anecdotal data he has made several predictions that have come to pass. Usually his predictions are between 5-10 years ahead of their time. Take the time to review some of his discourses and please feel free to write in your comments.

We Are All Diabetic

Sugar is your enemy and it is killing you!

Cosmetic Medicine

A triumph of modern medicine and a nightmare.

Anti-Aging Prescription Med

FDA approved medication could help you live longer.

The Science of Sex,
Love, and Bonding

You are not in control.

Alkaline Water

There's a sucker born every minute!

Immortality Is Coming

Lifespans of 200-1000 years is around the corner

The 1st Viral "Magic Bullet"

FDA approved medicine KILLS DNA viruses.


US government hypocrisy at its best!